Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I contact Rapid Roll?

IWI can be reached at 1-866-828-6737, or 905-850-2155, or

2. What lengths do Rapid Roll come in?

Rapid Roll comes standard in 50 foot lengths but can be ordered in 100 foot lengths (additional posts and bases are required for the 100’ system).

3. Where does Rapid Roll ship to?

We service the entire globe and ship worldwide daily. Please check for your local distributor or contact us directly.

4. Can I get replacement parts for Rapid Roll?

Yes! We can replace broken or provide additional parts needed, just contact your local distributor or Rapid Roll directly.

5. Can I secure my Rapid Roll unit?

Yes! Your Rapid Roll system does have designated holes in the cartridge and post bases to secure to the work surface. The fence is also easily clipped off of the canister pole. This allows you to clip your fence to a Rapid Roll post and take your canister with you in cases of an insecure environment.

6. Is Rapid Roll made locally?

Yes. Rapid Roll is made within the USA and Canada. It is patent pending worldwide.

7. Where can I learn to use Rapid Roll?

Please visit for operating instructions and videos. You can also contact your local distributor for our ‘How to’ Instructions.

Rapid Roll Brochure


Rapid Roll: Toll free 1 866 828 6737 ( or call your local distributor.